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Legal advisors to provide legal aid to the citizens, to make them aware of their rights and to make them aware of their rights for social change and development. Sai Mir Law College has been established for the support of research scholars etc. and we are moving forward to fulfill our objective. We and our organization are grateful to all of you for your cooperation and advice in this noble work.

The legal field is progressive, there are changes according to the social conditions, keeping this change in mind, information about new amendments and rules and regulations is made available to the students in our institution. In order to make available the education of law practically for the students to achieve excellence in the legal profession, debate competitions are organized among the students, seminars are organized and law general and excellent law books are made available in the institution. Qualified, experienced and trained teachers, the library provides good education to the students through Wi-Fi.

In this competitive era, vocational education provides new opportunities for future employment of excellent students. We through Sai Mir Law College are determined and determined to change the society and social development through legal education. My blessings are with them for the better future of the students who want to make their future through their work. I pray to God that in future, touching new heights in the field of law and setting new dimensions, become a guide in social change and development.